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Decades of Shaping the Future:Cooler Master Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Cooler Master celebrates its 30th Anniversary on November 17th, commemorating Decades of Shaping the Future. Following humble beginnings as a thermal solutions manufacturer, Cooler Master has grown and developed into a multi-faceted technology company driven by innovation, agility, and passion. With a collective eye on the future and the constant pursuit of improvement and advancement, Cooler Master welcomes a new future that will stretch beyond its established roots in PC components, broadening to represent a new generation’s technology-driven lifestyle.

From Humble Beginnings to an Ambitious Future

Cooler Master has grown from a humble thermal solutions provider to a technology innovator across numerous product categories. With an extensive history in thermal, chassis, power, and peripheral solutions, Cooler Master has continued growth into other categories such as monitors, chairs, and desks. Continuing its metamorphosis from a tech-component manufacturer into a tech-lifestyle brand, Cooler Master is set to continue innovating and pursuing the development of the Cooler Master product ecosystem.

Masters of Our Craft

Over the past three decades, Cooler Master has pioneered technological developments, such as the first aluminium chassis in 1999, the first CPU cooler with embedded heat pipes in 2001, production of the industry’s first all-in-one water cooling solution for retail markets in 2004, the establishment of a vapour chamber (VC) factory in 2009, and implementation of a 3D-VC manufacturing line in 2015 – and the list goes on. Whether it be innovation in manufacturing, broadening of direct manufacturing capacity, supplying solutions to other industry leaders, or pursuing excellence with an enthusiast, DIY attitude, Cooler Master continues to adapt to service the needs of consumers and businesses via Cooler Master Technology and Cooler Master Corporation respectively.

Visual Flourishes of 30th Anniversary Editions

To mark the special 30th-anniversary occasion, Cooler Master has developed limited 30th Anniversary Edition versions of new and popular products spanning a range of Cooler Master product categories. Each celebratory model has been given a limited-edition treatment that ensures the 30th Anniversary Edition products stand out from the crowd, including nods to Cooler Master products of the past and glimpses into the future. With some sporting Milestone Bronze or Glitch Purple, as well as step-repeat patterns with cues to stand-out products of the past, the 30th Anniversary Edition products are dressed to impress while also being instantly recognizable.

The 30th Anniversary Edition Ecosystem

A complimentary range of products drawing from across the Cooler Master product

stack establishes a unique ecosystem. Featuring Milestone Bronze and Glitch Purple

distinctive colour flourishes, alongside other exclusive visual treatments, the Cooler Master 30th Anniversary Edition collection celebrates Decades of Shaping the Future in a visually impactful way.

Covering both the core of Cooler Master’s product stack, as well as new entries into the

catalogue, the 30th Anniversary Edition ecosystem includes options for everyone, covering a range of product types and price points. Naturally, for the best experience, combine all the Cooler Master 30th Anniversary Edition products to enjoy the benefits of the unified Cooler Master product ecosystem.

In It, To Win It

Furthermore, with each purchase of a Cooler Master 30th Anniversary Edition product,

an opportunity presents to register your product and receive a celebratory token and entry into the draw to win a Cooler Master Orb-X in a limited 30th Anniversary Edition Glitch Purple colourway! Further information and details for this promotion are yet to be released.

30th Anniversary website: Link


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