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Cooler Master Introduces the MM712 Gaming Mouse, An Updated Version of the Lightweight MM711

Press Release

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals and computer components, introduces the MM712 Gaming Mouse — the next evolution of Cooler Master’s lightest gaming mouse to date.

The MM712 is a wireless mouse that hides heavyweight features under an impressively advanced chassis: a timeless, unperforated design that effectively fills in all the holes of the MM711 — while still maintaining the same incredible lightweight.

“The MM711 was an incredible success for us, but we felt like we could do better,” says Dennis Liu, Peripheral General Manager. “The updated MM712 takes what we’ve learned about building lightweight mice and creates a newer version with a more streamlined, contemporary look for an aesthetic with much wider appeal.”

Seamless Lightweight Design – A clever structured design in the MM712 maintains a total weight of 59g without physical changes to the chassis. The result is an incredibly lightweight mouse with an appearance that won’t look out of place in your clean setup.

“Although we want the MM712 to be the ideal mouse for everyone, we also wanted to make the necessary improvements for our power users,” says Liu. “With the addition of several next-gen features, the MM712 is poised to be a formidable gaming mouse for the foreseeable future.”

Long-lasting Battery Life - The 500mAh battery provides up to 181 hours of use when connected via Bluetooth, and up to 80 hours when connected via 2.4GHz wireless (with the LEDs off).

Hybrid Wireless Tech - MM712 provides both wired and wireless functionality. Choose between Wired Type-C connectivity or your choice of wireless: 2.4 GHz for nearly lag-free input or Bluetooth 5.1 for easy, convenient connectivity all within 10m effective range. This combination of wired performance and wireless convenience makes the MM712 an ideal mouse for both work and play.

Optical Micro Switch - The MM712 is outfitted with two optical micro switches in both L/R buttons. These use laser sensors for nearly zero debounce time. This means near-instantaneous actuation, with input that registers nearly three times faster than those from mechanical switches. In addition, the lack of moving parts means considerably less wear-and-tear compared to mechanical switches over the same period of time.

Pro-Grade Sensor - The MM712 is outfitted with a 19,000 DPI PixArt optical sensor – PAW3370 for minimal lag, little-to-no stuttering, and accuracy you won’t find in your clunky pack-in mouse - now improved tenfold thanks to massively reduced weight. And in case you need to favour pinpoint precision over speed, the DPI is instantly adjustable, giving you the ability to make real-time adjustments depending on game, class, and/or playstyle.

Low Friction, Maximum Glide - The MM712 comes with new-and-improved feet made with white PTFE material graded at over 95% purity — higher than most aftermarket mouse feet. This results in superior low friction and high durability, and a smooth, fast glide with maximum responsiveness.

All-in-one package - Get rid of hard braided cables and enjoy the no-drag gaming experience while playing wired or charging. The Cooler Master Ultraweave Cable is so soft and flexible compared to traditional mouse cables; it practically feels wireless. The Mouse Grip Tape is anti-slip armour for your MM712, providing an instant boost to grip and control without adding excessive weight or bulkiness. A Type-A to Type-C Extension Adapter is also included in the package, making your computer's USB ports more easily accessible.

Stylish RGB illumination - 16.7M RGB illumination on logo to show off your victories. Adjust RGB effects in real time via key combos or MasterPlus+ Software.

Availability and Pricing:

The 30th Anniversary edition of the MM712 Wireless Mice will be available in the UK from October 2022. Availability for the standard Black and White models TBC.


MM712 30th Anniversary Edition - UK MSRP £69.99 inc VAT - More info and specs

MM712 Black/White Models - UK MSRP £59.99 inc VAT - More info and specs


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