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Cooler Master Introduces ELV8 RGB Universal Graphics Card Holder

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative computer components, introduces the ELV8 Universal Graphics Card Holder. Featuring vibrant RGB lighting, the ELV8 features a sleek design alternative to the traditional vertical GPU holder.

Elevate by Color The ELV8 features an elegant design equipped with an addressable RGB strip that illuminates the aesthetics of your PC build. Designed to enhance overall user experience, the ELV8 is compatible with major motherboard manufacturers and can sync with all RGB-ready software.

Adjustable Performance Range The GPU holder is designed to attach to the motherboard’s PCI-E slot, allowing a wide range of case compatibility. The ELV8’s adjustable supporter bracket accommodates graphics cards of all sizes, allowing builders the freedom of choice. Prevent GPU Damage The ELV8 prevents the GPU from potential long-usage damage, including possible bending and sagging. Additionally, the GPU holder reduces stress on the motherboard PCI-E slot by supporting the GPU’s overall weight. Collaboration for Excellence The ELV8 is designed in collaboration with one of the top PC modders and system builders in the industry, TantricModz. This collaboration’s design ensures overall user experience enhancement and protects the GPU and motherboard from the laws of gravity. Cooler Master believes that giving PC users the freedom to create visually stunning RGB effects, as well as, providing efficient cooling for their systems is vital to achieving one of the company’s missions. With innovative technologies coupled with a vast array of features, the ELV8 is manufactured to provide the most effective building experience

Availability The ELV8 Universal Graphics Card holder is available for pre-sale in the UK For more information on Cooler Master’s ELV8 Graphics Card Holder, please visit:


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