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PROGRESSIVE DESIGN STREAMLINED FOR PRODUCTIVITY – AT A FAIR PRICE Auerbach, 15. October 2020 - With the GENTIX DESKTOP, CHERRY has added a new dream team to its portfolio. The GENTIX DESKTOP is the perfect fusion of the popular CHERRY GENTIX MOUSE with an uncompromisingly matching keyboard - both wireless components. The latest addition from CHERRY is characterized above all by its extensive features.

The keyboard has ten multimedia keys that make everyday office life noticeably easier thanks to the lock, browser, mail, and calculator functions. Here too, CHERRY has paid great attention to ease of use. The six keys for controlling multimedia functions are self-explanatory. The arrangement of the keys is designed to prevent accidental keystrokes.

A good typing feel is, to a certain extent, part of the basic requirement for every CHERRY keyboard. This is why the actuating force of the keys on the GENTIX DESKTOP is an ideal mixture of smooth action and optimum pressure point. The arrangement of the keys and the key spacing comply with current ergonomic standards. The three status LEDs for Caps, Num, and Scroll lock integrated directly into the keys are also practical.

The keyboard's stability and sturdiness are additional essential quality highlights: The keyboard features three rubberized feet instead of the standard two, making it stand out from the competition. In combination with the overall stable construction, the GENTIX DESKTOP stands non-slip and torsionally rigid on any desk - regardless of whether the feet are folded out or not.

A further decisive product feature is the integrated palm rest. It is a formative design element and a comfortable, ergonomic everyday relief at the same time. Users can enjoy many hours of comfortable working thanks to the modernly-designed semi-translucent palm rest.


The mouse is the beloved CHERRY GENTIX MOUSE in its wireless version. The corded counterpart's proven design, with its unique, rear-tapering shape making it equally suitable for large and small hands, has been retained unchanged. The symmetrical 6-button mouse also features a switchable resolution (1,000/2,000 dpi) and two thumb buttons for effortless Internet navigation.

The new dynamic duo in the form of a wireless keyboard/mouse combination can be used in a flash thanks to Plug & Play and requires no software whatsoever. Once in operation, the two devices can be used for up to three years without changing batteries thanks to the long battery life - a benefit that appeals to the environmentally-conscious consumer. The battery status display has also been integrated into the mice and keyboard.

The wireless 2.4 GHz technology allows a range of up to ten meters. Of course, the CHERRY KEYS keyboard configuration software can also be used to configure the keys of the new wireless GENTIX keyboard to suit your needs.

The CHERRY GENTIX DESKTOP is available immediately for a recommended retail price of €45.

Information about GENTIX DESKTOP can be found at:

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