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AMD Ryzen 7020 Series Processors for Mobile - High-End Performance and Long Battery Life

AMD Ryzen7020 Series Processors for Mobile Bring High-End Performance

and Long Battery Life to Everyday Users

— New Systems from Acer, HP and Lenovo featuring AMD Ryzen and Athlon 7020 Series Processors available in Q4—

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Sept. 20, 2022 – Today, AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) unveiled the new Ryzen™ 7020 Series and Athlon™ 7020 Series Processor lineup, delivering the perfect balance of performance, productivity, and responsiveness. Built on the “Zen 2” core architecture and featuring AMD RDNA™ 2 graphics, the Ryzen and Athlon 7020 Series Processors for mobile deliver excellent everyday performance and up to 12 hours of battery life1 so users can get the most out of their laptop.

“AMD has revolutionized thin and light laptops with unbeatable performance and uncompromising battery life,” said Saeid Moshkelani, senior vice president and general manager, client business unit, AMD. “We are so excited to bring everything that users expect from premium laptops to the mainstream laptop market with the new Ryzen 7020 Series and Athlon 7020 Series Processors for mobile. At any price point, users should feel confident they are getting the best experience possible with AMD.”

AMD Ryzen and Athlon 7020 Series Processors for Mobile

Built on TSMC’s advanced 6nm manufacturing technology, the new Ryzen and Athlon 7020 Series Processors for mobile offer the perfect balance of speed, style and endurance. With smart battery management and dedicated video and audio playback hardware, systems featuring the Ryzen and Athlon 7020 Series processors are ideal for video conferencing and collaboration, office productivity and multitasking, and connecting with family and friends, when at home or on the go.

Over 90% of laptop users surveyed say “being on the go” with their system is important, and on average use their laptops on battery for three hours a day. On the extreme end, almost a third of respondents spend up to ten hours a day on battery power. The combination of TSMC 6nm technology and the innovative Ryzen 7020 architecture allow AMD Ryzen processors to deliver premium system battery life at a mainstream system price point – up to 12 hours of unplugged power[i]. The Ryzen 7020 Series Processers also offer best-in-class performance, with up to 58% faster multitasking and 31% faster application launch speed than the competition on the AMD Ryzen 3 7320U CPU [ii].

Thanks to the AMD RDNA 2 graphics architecture, AMD Ryzen and Athlon 7020 Series processors for mobile support up to 4 displays powered by the integrated Radeon™ 610M Series graphics and advanced decode support[iii] for high-resolution streaming.

Systems featuring Ryzen and Athlon 7020 Series processors are Windows 11 ready, and feature a Microsoft Pluton security processor4 for full support of Windows 11 security features. The new processors also come with a new modern platform and advanced technology support, including:

· Modern Standby

· Wake-on-Voice

· Fast Charging

· Fast LPDDR5 Memory

Systems featuring Ryzen and Athlon 7020 Series processors for mobile are expected to be available from global OEM partners including Acer, HP and Lenovo beginning in Q4 2022, starting at an SEP of $399 USD.

AMD Ryzen™ 7020 Series Ecosystem Support

· Acer: “From thin-and-lights to rugged laptops, Acer provides a wide variety of products for customers with different needs,” said James Lin, General Manager, Notebooks, IT Products Business, Acer Inc. “With the introduction of AMD Ryzen 7020 Series processors, the new Acer Aspire 3 14 and Aspire 3 15 laptops with the new processors provide the perfect blend of performance and value.”

· HP: “With the new HP 17 inch Laptop PC – powered by Ryzen 7020 Series processors – people will have the freedom and flexibility to work and play however and whenever they want,” said Jo Tan, Global Head of Consumer PCs, Personal Systems, HP Inc. “Together with AMD, we’re delivering the performance and experiences our customers need to stay connected, productive, and entertained.”

· Lenovo: “We’re taking speed and efficiency to a new level in collaboration with AMD,” said Ouyang Jun, Vice President and General Manager of the Consumer Business Segment, Intelligent Devices Group. “With the trusted power and efficiency of AMD Ryzen processors, our next generation of consumer PCs, such as Lenovo IdeaPad, will offer the performance required for everyday multitasking and collaboration – all while fitting into a wider range of budgets.”

· Microsoft: “We are excited to see the deep AMD and Microsoft co-engineering collaboration come to life on Ryzen 7020 Series processor-powered systems enabled with Windows 11,” said Pavan Davuluri, CVP Windows Silicon and Systems Integration. “Premium experiences don’t have to come at a premium price as customers will enjoy things like stellar battery life, graphics performance with RDNA 2, and security capabilities with VBS acceleration and chip-to-cloud security features enabled by the built-in Microsoft Pluton security processor.”


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