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Akasa DuoDock MX - Press Release

“Duo” you need help with copying your data? Akasa’sDuoDock MX is the answer you’ve been looking for! With Plug and Play functionality and offline cloning, your files can be backed up efficiently and effectively.

LONDON, ENGLAND, October 2022 – Akasa, a leading hard drive and SSD accessories provider, has released a new docking system for M.2 drives. The DuoDock MX is designed to connect two M.2 drives inside its sleek, white enclosure, which also comes with an offline cloning feature. Data transfer can become a breeze, with the blazingly fast USB 3.2 Gen 2 producing up to 10 Gbps transfer speeds!

The technology behind the DuoDock includes offline cloning, which is a convenient way to transfer data without plugging the drives directly into a PC. With just the click of a button, clone your M.2 drives quickly with no fuss! Combined with the convenient Plug and Play feature, no drivers are necessary for full functionality – simply insert the drive into the device and get to work!

Connectivity is always an important attribute of Akasa’s products, and the DuoDock MX is no exception. With the super-fast USB 3.2 Gen 2, speeds of up to 10Gbps can be achieved, making slow, tedious tasks much more manageable. A universal USB Type-C port makes the dock ready for rapid data transfers. The DuoDock’s glossy enclosure houses a small but powerful fan at its base to cool the drives, as these can get hot during data transfer. The entire dock is compact, a perfect addition to an efficient desk set-up for applications such as system back-ups and IT professionals..


• The DuoDock MX (AK-DK09U3-WH) startsat £94.50/€98.90 (prices may vary by reseller).

• The is available to order throughout the UK, Europe,and the US, contact to find a reseller near you.


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