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ADATA HC300 ECO and UC310 ECO Herald ADATA’s ESG Mission

ADATA Launches Eco-friendly External HDD and UFD Drives

City, Country – Mar. 30, 2023 – ADATA reaffirms its commitment to a sustainable environment and reducing the carbon footprint of its products through the launch of the company’s first line of green storage offerings. The HC300 ECO external hard drive (HDD) and UC310 ECO USB flash drive (UFD) represent a positive step towards renewable electronic products by featuring enclosures that consist of recycled plastic and packaged in materials certified by the FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council)[1].

Multifaceted conservation

The ADATA HC300 ECO and UC310 ECO are forerunners in a series of ADATA products focused on ESG concepts. The casings of these devices are made of PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) materials[2], such as 5-gallon water jugs. The use of PCR materials in HC300 ECO can effectively reduce carbon emissions by 48%[3]. Typical post-consumer materials would normally be discarded as waste having completed its consumer lifecycle. These materials are also sourced from a single location, further reducing the product’s carbon footprint.

In addition, the ADATA HC300 ECO and UC310 ECO are packaged in FSC™ certified environmentally friendly paper materials that are manufactured through processes that significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions, waste water, and energy.

Small footprint devices for sizeable media on the go

The ADATA HC300 ECO is wrapped in a beautifully verdant surface pattern and comes in capacities of up to 2TB loaded into a slim casing that is only 10.3mm thick. This sleek external HDD provides users with additional peace of mind by protecting data though an exclusive shock protection mechanism that reduce potential drive damage caused by mishandling or accidental jarring.

The UC310 ECO features the USB 3.2 interface and up to 256GB capacity. This stylish UFD also adopts a no-cap swivel design while still protecting the USB connector. Consumers can expect to see the UC310 ECO on shelves in May.

Both the HC300 ECO and UC310 ECO come preloaded with Backup ToGo smart backup software, providing scheduled backup and real-time cloud sync.

Go green with ADATA

ADATA recognizes the importance of sustainable management and the promotion of the ideal of reduce, recycle, and reuse in the realization of a cleaner brighter tomorrow. Each step on this green path are milestones in ADATA's gradual fulfillment of its ESG commitments. As ADATA “Innovates the Future,” we invite you to join us and “Go Green with ADATA!”


About ADATA – Innovating the Future

ADATA Technology is the world's second-largest manufacturer of DRAM memory and branded solid state drives, ranking 19th among Best Taiwan Global Brands. ADATA's main product lines include memory modules, solid state drives, other consumer-grade memory products, and industrial solutions. The company has also branched into electric vehicles, AI AMR robots, and gaming with its XPG brand. ADATA’s products have garnered wide international acclaim over the years including iF Design, Red Dot Design, and Taiwan Excellence awards. ADATA has also been honored for its commitment to employee welfare and corporate social responsibility, including with “Great Place to Work Certification™” for its Taiwan, US, and Brazil offices as well as the “Best Workplaces in Asia™,” “Best Workplaces in Greater China™,” and “Best Workplaces in Taiwan™” awards. Since 2020, ADATA has been continually recognized with the “Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards” and “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” awards. The hummingbird is ADATA's brand mascot. It represents the company's agility and efficiency as well as its pursuit of innovation and commitment to creating a more colorful and intelligent lifestyle for all people. For more information, please visit

[1] The FSC™ safeguards sustainable forestry and its recognition ensures materials are either recycled, derived from FSC™ certified forests, or produced from FSC™ controlled wood. [2] PCR refers to the process of recycling, sorting, and processing waste materials discarded by consumers, and reusing them as new raw materials. [3] This data is calculated by a third-party impartial organization, for reference only.


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