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A Whirlwind of Tech, Talks, and Tunes: Our Experience at the Target Components Open Day 2023

On a cool day in Leeds, we found ourselves amidst a buzzing crowd of tech enthusiasts at the Target Components Open Day 2023. Our journey began a day earlier as we nestled into the comforts of the Village Hotel Leeds South. The professional demeanour of the hotel staff and the seamless check-in process were the first harbingers of the fruitful event awaiting us. Our rooms were well-appointed, though it was the air-conditioning that truly won us over in the slightly warm atmosphere.

Our curiosity led us to a pre-event tour of the venue, where vendors were already setting their stalls, heralding the tech fiesta to unfold the next day. The evening saw us hosting a lively episode of our Tech for Techs Tech Talk Live show right from the venue. Despite minor technical glitches, the camaraderie among co-hosts from Target Components and guests from Kingston and Business Bollox made for an engaging session, much to the delight of the attendees we managed to coax away from the bar.

As dawn heralded the event day, a small hiccup in registration did little to dampen the spirits, thanks to the Target staff who turned the delay into an entertaining interlude. When the exhibition doors swung open at 10:15 AM, a tech paradise unfolded before us. A myriad of about 35 exhibitors showcased their offerings in a well-organized albeit slightly cramped space. Names like Kingston, Seagate, and Gigabyte adorned the booths, offering a peek into the latest in the tech realm. However, the compact setting posed a challenge for individuals with accessibility needs, making navigation through the bustling crowd a tad demanding.

The event's rigorous schedule boasted around 40 workshops, a testament to the enriching content on offer. While the simultaneous scheduling meant we could sample only a few, the standout was certainly the 'Keeping Your Business and Brand Fresh' workshop by the Rayleigh Computers Shop team. Their real-world insights resonated well with the attendees, providing tangible takeaways for many.

As the day transitioned into the evening, the event morphed into a celebration of Target's 25th anniversary. The retro-themed arcade machines and complimentary drinks fostered a relaxed networking ambience, a precursor to the evening reception. The informal setting of the buffet dinner centered around classic hotdogs and burgers, set the stage for Kirsty’s Poptastic Piano Singalong. The blend of karaoke, singalong, and live music turned the venue into a melodic hub, revealing some hidden singing talents among the attendees.

The night stretched beyond midnight, with conversations flowing freely along with the drinks. The networking continued, forging new connections and sealing deals in a congenial atmosphere.

From a Tech for Techs perspective, the event scored high on several fronts. Meeting new vendors, engaging in fruitful discussions, and witnessing firsthand the orchestration of such an event provided valuable insights and connections that would undoubtedly resonate in our future endeavours.

The Target Components Open Day 2023 was more than just an event; it was a confluence of tech minds, a platform for learning, and a celebration of the vibrant tech community. The minor hiccups were but small blips in an otherwise enriching and enjoyable experience. As we reminisce about the event, the knowledge gained, connections made, and the fun shared underscore the success of the day, leaving us looking forward to what Target has in store for the future.


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