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Sandberg- Better headset at a lower price

Sandberg's first surround headset for gamers, Sandberg Derecho, was so popular that it almost has to be described as a classic. Derecho has now been discontinued and Sandberg has had the nerve to send a successor out onto the market: Savage. According to Sandberg, it is both stronger in purely physically terms and provides a greater sound experience. The price has been reduced by more than 10% to top off the development. Brand Director at Sandberg A/S Anders Partida Petersen, says: “We have to constantly evolve in order to maintain a strong position in the gaming market, which is constantly changing. Even though Derecho was a success, lasting success comes only by way of change. Savage is an impressive product for the price, and thus maintains our goal of providing high-end gaming equipment at prices that everyone can afford.” The Savage headset doesn’t just look robust - it IS very robust, though without comprising the design. The construction includes a brand new type of “headband”, featuring 2 support pads instead of the familiar headband. Many focus solely on the sound of a headset, but Sandberg has taken it a step further and developed a really good microphone on the headband that can be placed directly in front of your mouth. The multi-coloured LED lights in the ear pads complete the visual experience. The Sandberg Savage Surround Headset is on its way to stores now, both physically and online. The nearest dealer can be located at or google Sandberg 126-08 .

Savage Headset USB 7.1 Item no.: 126-08 RRP incl. VAT: £48.99 - Cable: 2.4 metres nylon braided - Connector: USB A Male - Multi-color LED lights - - Earphone: - Driver unit: 50 mm - Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz - Impedance: 32 Ohm - - Microphone: - Type: 6mm dia. electret condenser microphone - Direction: Omni-directional - Frequency Response: 75 Hz - 16 kHz - Impedance: 2.2 k Ohm - Sensitivity: -42 dB ± 2dB


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