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Sades, manufacturer of high quality gaming peripherals is pleased to announce the release of 2 new products – the Wings 10 gaming earbud and the Hailstorm gaming mousepad. Both new products are available in the UK now. Wings 10 is the new gaming earbud from Sades. Weighing only 14g, the Wings 10 delivers impressive and balanced sound thanks to the 10mm dynamic driver units. Designed for console and mobile gaming, the Wings 10 are compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack. They are wired meaning there will be no lag in the sound delivered to your ears. The stylish design ensures they look good wherever you choose to game, and the magnetic backs will keep the earbuds attached together when they are stored meaning less tangled wires. The multifunction in line remote control is equipped with a microphone which allows you to pick up or hang up on calls, play/pause music and skip through tracks at the press of a button. The protective carrying box will make sure the buds are kept in top condition when you are not using them. Features: Lightweight (only 14g) 10mm dynamic drivers produce impressive and balanced sound Stylish design Multifunction in line remote control Carry case Wings 10 are available from for £21.99. The SADES Hailstorm is a durable mousepad which features the signature SADES wolf

pattern in a unique camouflage design. The high-quality materials, waterproof surface and large control area will match your mouse handling on any game you are playing. The soft fabric enables your wrist to move comfortably during your gameplay, and the 3mm natural rubber base will prevent the pad from sliding by keeping it in place. Level up your everyday gameplay with the SADES Hailstorm. Features: Optimized soft textile surface Waterproof surface Gaming exclusive flat stitched edge Non-slip natural rubber base The SADES Hailstorm is available now from for £16.99. About Sades: SADES are committed to providing with high quality accessories that immerse gamers in their game playing. With a focus on R&D and quality manufacturing, SADES launched their first headset in 2002. Since then, the company has gone on to create gaming tables, gaming chairs, mice and keyboards which continue to impress gamers all over the world.


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