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It’s Time to Cut the Cord: Wireless Gaming Headset Warden set for 2022 UK Release

Sades make their first step into wireless gaming peripherals with the Warden I, featuring Bluetooth 5.0, 30-hour battery life and mobile/console/PC compatibility.

“It’s time to cut the cord!” say Sades, the global gaming brand known best for their optimal cost-to-performance gaming peripherals.

Sades is proud to announce their new wireless gaming headset: the Warden I – which will enter the UK market in early 2022.

The brands first foray into the world of wireless technology, the Sades Warden Ⅰ listens to customer demand and delivers an updated, technologically advanced take on the good old gaming headset.

Getting rid of the annoying cable once and for all, the Warden I importantly maintains the brand’s emphasis on quality and innovation: delivering 40ms ultra low latency via either Bluetooth 5.0, a transmitter or a 3.5mm AUX cable.

With a focus on freedom and movement, Sades’ newest headset allows gamers to enjoy fantastic gaming audio anytime, anywhere. Whether they’re cruising along in the passenger seat or slouching into their favourite bean bag, the Warden I gives gamers the freedom to game however they want, wherever they want. Need a snack mid-match? No problem, just get up and grab it. Need to head out and fancy playing some Fortnite Mobile? No worries, the Warden I have got you covered.

For gamers who enjoy multiple ways to game, the Warden Ⅰ headset is compatible with most devices, including: smartphone, PC, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch etc. and comes with an impressive 30-hours of playback time (2.5-hour charge time).

Something important to every gamer is audio quality, and fans of Sades will be glad to know that the Warden I delivers consistent and impressive fidelity. Equipped with the latest in bluetooth technology and superb ear-cup speakers, the Warden I produces weighted bass and delicate mids and trebles. Even if they’re out and about, gamers can be assured that their gaming experience doesn’t go lacking.

For the design savvy, several design details of the Warden I also cannot be missed. The ear-cups freely rotate up to 90 degrees to provide users with more flexibility and comfort, whilst the blue lights on the exterior light up automatically when powered on.

To help users who carry their headphones, the microphone can also be tucked away neatly when not in use and the nylon headband can be detached, allowing you to clean or replace it with an optional premium leather version – complete with exquisite graphics.

Stay tuned as Sades releases more info about the Warden Ⅰ soon! You can also follow the brand on social media: @SadesEsports for gaming content and fun surprises!

About Sades:

With a focus on R&D and high quality manufacturing, SADES launched their first headset in 2002. Since then, the company has gone on to create gaming tables, gaming chairs, mice and keyboards which continue to impress audiences across the world. The brand now focuses on producing professional-grade gaming accessories that match durable design with tournament-ready results at a range of budget and mid-level price ranges. Satisfying customers and professional eSports teams alike, the brand pays close attention to quality, amalgamating impressive aesthetics with forward-thinking functionality and innovation.


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