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Goliath Computing Ltd Commit to the Tech MAX 2022 Trade Event

Goliath Computing Ltd is the latest company to sign up to Tech MAX 2022, Tech MAX 2022 is an IT trade event for Techs by Techs, and will take place at Bramall Lane (Sheffield United FC) on the 24th of June 2022. if you are not registered make sure you register now at

Book Tickets now! Limited evening tickets left

Goliath Computing Ltd have been Importing and Distributing products since 2001. We started out selling any USB accessories, then moved on to Networking. We now import the following Products:

MAXAM Cables

A range of Premium packaged Cables including HDMI, CAT5E, Type C, Micro USB, etc


A range of superbly packaged gaming products including Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, 4 in 1 kits, etc

Laptop Chargers

Originals, OEM, and our own range of Compatible Chargers. We have over

30 different lines of Compatible Chargers all in colour coded boxes

At Goliath Computing we pride ourselves on not only offering a first class service but also extremely competitive pricing

Tale a look who else is joining this ever-growing list


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