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The Tech For Tech facebook group is a place for you to get all the latest news and advice from us, but not only will you get advice from us you are able to get business advice and Tech support/help from other stores, Vendors and Distributors in the UK, 


So if you are a retail store, MSP, Tech in the Computer Fiield, starting up a computer business, distributor, vendor, or product manufacturer please feel free to join the group (ITS FREE).  Please note the full rules are below but here are the basics

- No affiliate links (Unless Admin)
- No selling or self-promotion (Unless Admin)
- No controversial off-topic posts (no Politics or religion, )
- Be respectful

- No sharing group content outside the group

Facebook Rules

The Tech For Techs Facebook Page is a place for Techs, Distributors, Vendors and Manufacturers to come together to share Reviews, News, tips, questions, answers and most importantly help each other grow.


  • Jenni Griffiths (Owner of Tech For Techs,  Chips Computers and a main admin of the group)

  • ​Philip Griffiths (Influencer of Tech For Techs, Owner of Chips Computers, and admin of this group)

To be approved you must:

We will approve you for this group if you meet one of the following criteria (judging from your public Facebook profile and questions answered when joining):

  • The admins personally know you.

  • You were referred by another member of the group. (application still needs to be filled in)

  • You are friends with another member of the group. (application still needs to be filled in)

  • You clearly work at or own Tech business.

  • Work for a Distributor of computer goods

  • Work for a Manufacturer/Vendor of Computer Related goods inc software and hardware

We will NOT be approved if:

  • You don’t meet any of the above criteria

  • There are questions about your business protocols 


The Group Admins have Final say on any Applications.



By being a part of this community you are agreeing to the rules listed below.

  • No controversial off-topic posts – You know, stuff like sex, politics, and religion.

  • No conversation where you admit to or say you use Pirated (unlicenced Software), or any other illegal activities.

  • No sharing group content outside the group, unless pre-approved by an admin.

  • No affiliate links – We encourage you to share resources, products, or services that you feel may help other members, but please provide direct links. Affiliation links are allowed by admins to help fun the group, but will only be used on products they approve/use. 

  • No selling or self-promotion – This includes promoting your own products, services, and events or offering information in exchange for email address or other contact info.

    • If your product or service happens to be of value to our members, wait for a member to express a specific need for that product or service, then you can mention it.

    • We may break this rule and promote something from Tech for Techs or other services we offer if we feel as though it is of service to the group. We reserve that right as it is our group and community.

  • No live videos – As admins, we need to watch every video to make sure it’s non-offensive and with live videos it’s very tough to do so.  Also, live videos tend to be self-promotional.  If you’ve created an awesome video that you feel may help the community, feel free to post it, but please provide some context and ensure that it’s not a marketing video that requires some sort of opt-in or purchase at the end. Unless pre-approved

  • Be respectful – We’re adults.  Members must feel safe to express their insights and ask for help.  We will not tolerate rudeness, disrespect, hateful rhetoric, or personal attacks.

    Disclaimer  - all advice given here is just that....advice. In the end, you make the decision to follow advice and it's on you because you made the choice. Neither TFT or its members will be held liable for advice followed that turned out to not go as planned for you etc. You came here for advice and opinions, you will get it. Some better than others. But in the end you will choose what to do and we are so not responsible for it. Have a good day.

If we find you are in violation of a group rule, we’ll warn you in a public reply to the offending post or comment before deleting it.  Admins reserve the right to remove anyone from the group at any time.


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